Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogger Awards and trying to catch up on posts!

So today I am going to try an catch up on all the posts I didn't do while away (and yes I had a few planned). But first I would just like to say that while I was away I received a Blogger Award!! I have never received one so getting one literally made my day.
I received my award from Bea Beautiful over on her blog Diary Of A Fat Girl (which I encourage everyone to go and read, it's a great blog about losing weight and the ups and downs that go with it).

Now the award I received is actually 3 awards bundled up in one big one called the Blogapalooza (you can't not smile at the name ;) )
Okay so here's the breakdown of everything this award includes: The first is the Reader Appreciation Award, this award has no specific rules except for passing it along.  
The second is the OverLord Award, this one made me laugh because A: I cannot top Bea's answers and B: I have no clue what I'd put!! But nonetheless it is funny. This one is simple though, I get to write down 3 things I would do if I were overlord for the day, how awesome is that!?!?! Oh and pass it on!
1: Okay first thing I would do is..... Implement a program that would help fix our school systems, this is something (as a mother) I hold dear, our schools seem to be failing so many children and yet nothing is being done. There's a reason our country cannot even compare to others when it comes to learning, and we need to figure out why.
2: I would go and visit all the places I've wanted to yet never been able to.
3: This one seems to be the hardest. I honestly don't know what to put!! So once I come up with something totally awesome I will def. let you all know.

and last is the Happy 101 award. To accept this award you must list 10 things that make you happy and pass it along
 1: My kids, how can they not make me happy!!
2: My hubby 
3: My friends
4: My blog (yup it makes me happy =D )
5: My followers, you guys always have such kind and encouraging words!! You are all awesome!
6: Rain, I know it normally is looked at as something gloomy but I love the rain
7: Fall, I love fall and it always makes me happy. It's like my Christmas O.o
8: My customers, I love when I am able to make someone happy with my products, makes it sooo worth it!
9: My hubby's family. Now I think I am more blessed to have them then anything and they honestly do make me happy, my family isn't really a family so I've kinda adopted my hubby's family.
10. God. Enough said.

Okay now it's time to announce the 10 blogs that I think deserve this totally awesome Blogapalooza Award! 

Okay the first is: Pineapple Lily I love reading this blog, it's always cute, funny and witty and you just can't get enough of it!

The Second blog is: The Streeters Now I first met Kristina Streeter on Twitter O.o I know weird right?? and I began reading her blog. I love her blog, it's very down to earth and yet has something that just makes it totally different from other blogs.

The third Blog: Raebeths Corner This lady is awesome, she is so inspiring and I love her and her blog to bits!

The fourth Blog: My Life Before I Kick The Bucket Okay so this blog is one I stalk quite often, she holds nothing back and says it how it is and I love that. 

The fifth blog is: Free Bird Train this girl has some awesome fashion going on (always) and is always havin an awesome time, like seriously I get envious sometimes when she posts pics of her havin fun!! Take me with you!! lol 

The sixth Blog: A Wanna Be Super Mom This blog never fails to give me a laugh, it's always nice to know I'm not the only mom going through these things.

The seventh Blog: Catherinemae Catherinemae is a fellow storenvian and since day one of seeing her posts, and shop I've enjoyed seeing her work and the things she posts about. 

The eigth Blog: Minxy now this blog isn't a blog that I would normally "follow" but once I read a few of her posts I was hooked, her writing style is one in a million and I love reading her posts.

The nineth Blog: Recently Roached this is one of the cutest blogs around, it's about a newlyweds figuring out life together. And she's very crafty and shares her crafts which is always a plus!

And last but not least number 10!!
Okay so this is probably not what you were thinking, but seriously check this blog out!! I love getting ideas from this blog and I can spend hours staring at all the awesome stuff they have on there!! 

Okay now it's all of your turns to give out a blogapalooza award, pass it on to 10 blogs you think deserve it.


Bea Beautiful said...

:) Great overlord and happy lists! I think the education idea topped my Steven Tyler and Johnny Depp one....I'm so selfish.

With Love said...

Thank you!! and psshhh you're not selfish!! Mine would probably be Will Smith and Usher hahaha!!!

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