Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Proud Mommy

(First one on the right is Madison)
So I've decided to look at the drama going on with my daughters dance like this, if someone is jealous of me enough to start false rumors then I should be proud, because I am obviously doing something right. And the one person I couldn't be more proud of right now is my daughter, for a 5 year old she is really AWESOME!! Yup awesome, I was pulled aside by her dance coach friday night (my first thought was "crap what did my daughter do!" because this teacher NEVER gives compliments) but she said she wanted to tell me what a joy Madison was, she listens, she's the only one who can do her routine without a teacher and she's all around a good girl. This made my night.
As a mom when my children get compliments I feel like it's also a compliment to me since, well, I'm her mommy!! 
My daughter works so hard and we cannot be more proud of her, she dances 5 times a week, she practices at home, she knows her stuff. I am definitely very blessed to have her.
(second from the left)


Bea Beautiful said...

She's adorable! You should definitely be proud and yes, it's a compliment to you as well! Some kids are so hard to work with on anything, so a child who actively participates is a gem!

MzSami said...

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Would love a follow back
Simply Sami

With Love said...

Thank you Beau!! and yes there are a few kids in her class that HATE being there. So I am very thankful she enjoys it!

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