Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear girl whose always complaining about the men in her life...

Okay lets get real here, we all have these type of girls (and heck maybe guys) in our lives.
(you may be one of them! If so please take this to heart )
You know, the ones that spend 95% of their time complaining about how the men they meet/are with are total jerks, tools etc. 
And all you can think is
"God please shut up"
"If he's that bad just leave his ass"

Yeah those girls.

I'm getting tired of hearing it, I mean it's one thing to be out with the girls and you're having a bad day/rough patch with your man, whatever. 
But if all you can EVER talk about is how much you hate them, or how much you wished they changed a certain thing, how you'd be better off with someone else.... The list goes on and on.
 Ladies, it gets old.

If your man is a serious tool, jerk, asshole, whatever you call him then 
Don't sit around complaining and waiting for them to stop being jerks.

And if you do sit around EXPECTING him to change his ways, or make it your mission to change and form him into what YOU want then your relationship is a complete 
 right there.
Don't go into a relationship with the thought of 
"If I just change a few things he'll be perfect" 
because guess what
that's just the truth of the matter, and if you truly love someone you'll get over those imperfections, heck you may learn to love them ;). And if you find that the things that bother you about that person you honestly can't get over, then you shouldn't be in a relationship with them.
But please!! For the love of god, don't stay with someone just to torture everyone else around you day after day with the complaining/whining. It's not fair to anyone.

And ladies, if it seems like you just can't find the 
man, you need to look at yourself and see what you're doing wrong. Maybe you're looking in the wrong places? Maybe you're not holding your expectations too high (yes it's okay to have expectations, but don't be surprised to meet a guy that has them too)  Before dating someone find out who they are first, a great way to get a vibe from someone is to see them around their friends and family.

And it's always okay to tell a guy "NO" and yes I mean when it comes to the sex thing, if a guy gets upset that you want to wait and make sure you're ready then he isn't in it for the long run.


Nichole said...

These girls, er "people" who ALWAYS, ALWAYS gripe generally enjoy the drama. I hate to say it but its usually true. It is def annoying at times!

With Love said...

Very true!! And I always thought the older I got the more "people" would grow out of it... No it just gets worse haha.

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